Α winter and summer destination

Discover the enchanting Portaria Village Pelion, a picturesque destination offering a blend of natural beauty and traditional Greek culture.

Portaria is both a winter and summer destination, 13 km down and before Pelion’s ski center. It is built at an altitude of 650 meters around the monastery of Panagia Portareas hailing from the 13th century.

Activities In Portaria include hiking and walking. Walk along the path of Centaurs, a 3km long trail that starts from the church of Agia Marina at the entrance of the village and goes around it, passing through beautiful churches, mansions, and incredible nature. Visit the magnificent mansions which were once the propriety of Zoulias (now hosting the Museum of Folk Art), Athanassakis (once a kindergarten) and Kantartzis. You ‘ll also admire the lovely little 19th-century three-aisled basilica of Agios Nikolaos which has interesting exterior reliefs on the front.

At the central square, you may explore the remains of the hotel “Theoxenia” (1905-1944), which used to be the most luxurious hotel in the Balkans during the pre-war period ; and also taste local delicacies, wine and tsipouro in its taverns and restaurants.

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