A little gem of a village

Explore the enchanting Makrinitsa Village Pelion, a hidden gem offering breathtaking views, traditional architecture, and a tranquil atmosphere.

Makrinista is a little gem of a village, hanging on the side of the amazingly green mountain, offering breathtaking views all over the area of Volos. Thanks to its altitude (630m above the sea), it has been named as the balcony of Pelion.

Makrinitsa is also known as the noble village, as it was mostly inhabited by wealthy people. This is why most of the houses in Makrinitsa are in effect lavishly decorated, aristocratic mansions. These houses boast adorned tall walls and windows, veritable artworks by local folk-artists.

The winding, uphill streets of Makrinitsa are stone-paved leading to a beautiful large square, shadowed by tall plane trees. The square has several cafes -in fact, one of them is decorated with a fresco by the renowned Greek painter Theofilos. There is also the lovely church of St. John the Baptist and a carved marble fountain, which is known as the “Lions”. Built around 1809 it is believed to have magical powers spouting the Immortal Water. The whole place oozes tranquility, natural beauty and peace.

In Makrinitsa, you may visit many beautiful churches, Saint Gerasimos monastery -built in 1795, nowadays a nunnery- as well as the Folklore Museum in Topali Mansion featuring a wonderful collection of objects and mementos related to the folk culture and everyday life of the region.

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